White Eagle Medicine Woman: The Heartbeat of The World Is Yours

How does anyone find their path to become a Shaman?

White Eagle Medicine Woman describes her spiritual and physical journey — it’s an amazing one — and the true power of a drum in this harmonizing Living 4D conversation.

Look for excerpts from White Eagle’s music throughout this episode!

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  • The Wizard of Oz: White Eagle’s favorite Shamanic story. (6:55)
  • White Eagle was way over her head in the beginning and didn’t feel qualified to do Shamanic work. (13:01)
  • The human journey versus the spiritual journey. (23:49)
  • Once you have that moment of awareness, you can’t un-have it. (30:01)
  • Utopia versus peace versus harmony. (39:07)
  • Power of the drum. (42:57)
  • Different drums, different purposes. (52:59)
  • White Eagle’s painful journey to become a Shaman. (58:12)
  • White Eagle lived her own 21 days to change your life program. (1:12:07)
  • Being a Shaman versus a medicine man or woman. (1:19:50)
  • A global menopause. (1:30:27)
  • Our spiritual purpose. (1:36:52)
  • Love is always for-giving and forgiveness. (1:44:51)

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