Nick Pineault: Where Are We Now: COVID-19, 5G, Technology That Supports Us

Are you worried about COVID-19?

Many people are, which made Nick Pineault — a journalist who has earned much deserved attention and kudos for his The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs — take a closer look at the pandemic from a non-political perspective.

Discover what Nick’s learned in his return to the podcast as well as new information about electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation in this investigative Living 4D conversation.

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  • Nick’s first response to the pandemic: Panic. (11:08)
  • Putting data into historical perspective. (21:48)
  • Looking at COVID-19 in America from a non-political Canadian perspective. (33:51)
  • More than 200 different viruses cause flu-like symptoms. (47:51)
  • False positive COVID-19 tests. (57:56)
  • Nick’s second thoughts about his COVID-19 reporting. (1:14:06)
  • The 5G program: Every move you make. (1:31:55)
  • The growing number of satellites for global internet coverage. (1:43:26)
  • What is 5G radiation doing to every living organism? (2:00:05)
  • With satellites being launched into space, the EMF pushback is growing. (2:09:48)
  • How 5G affects oxygen. (2:17:36)
  • 5G vs. Wi-Fi vs. wired connections for entertainment? (2:25:05)
  • Do you turn off your Wi-Fi at night? Maybe you should… (2:35:51)
  • Can Wi-Fi really become safer? (2:50:16)
  • All of us should be a little more afraid right now… (3:09:01)

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