Leigh Brandon: Healing Acne for Good

Have you tried and failed to treat acne using “remedies” prescribed by allopathic medicine?

CHEK Professional Leigh Brandon discusses safer, more effective treatments for acne in this Living 4D conversation.

Learn more about Leigh at his website or on Instagram. Download his free Coronavirus Survival Guide here.

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  • Leigh met Paul first in the pages of Muscle Media 2000. (8:41)
  • Acne became a problem for Leigh, like many kids, when he was a teenager. (15:37)
  • The food sensitivity connection to acne. (25:14)
  • What causes acne? (30:08)
  • The gut health link to acne. (42:27)
  • How much time do you spend in the bathroom? (52:26)
  • The zinc connection to acne. (1:08:44)
  • “No product will undo the deep root causes of acne.” (1:14:30)
  • Boils are a warning sign of far more serious health problems. (1:23:32)
  • The overuse of antibiotics. (1:42:00)

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