Tom Campanaro: The Gravity of Success and Well-Being

During his long and distinguished career in whole health, it’s impossible to put a number on the people who have looked to Paul as a mentor and guiding light in their lives.

So, when Paul has a challenge of his own, who does he turn to for advice? Meet Total Gym’s Tom Campanaro who has counseled Paul for more than 30 years on issues big and small.

Tom looks back at nearly a half-century in the worlds of bodybuilding, exercise and rehab in this career-spanning Living 4D conversation.

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  • Paul, Christie Brinkley and Chuck Norris have one thing in common: Total Gym infomercials. (3:25)
  • Putting the ego aside to achieve clearer, better outcomes comes with age. (15:11)
  • An interesting pact with God led Tom to San Diego, the love of his life and starting Total Gym in 1974. (22:55)
  • You CAN’T script Paul or Chuck Norris. (34:37)
  • Once upon a time, the rehab market embraced Total Gym, but the commercial side of fitness viewed it as a total scam. (36:29)
  • Tom says COVID-19 helped grow Total Gym among those who didn’t exercise. (43:36)
  • The biggest limitations of Total Gym: The creativity and knowledge of the user and loading the lower body. (55:31)
  • Tom is the father Paul never had. (1:04:26)
  • New products and services coming up from Total Gym. (1:15:30)
  • Changing the exercise slightly tricks your brain in reacting to it as if it’s a new one. (1:25:07)
  • Is an awareness revolution happening? (1:35:24)

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