People are ab crazy! Too many infomercials, magazine articles, books, videos, diets and gadgets are dedicated to building the all-important six-pack.

Unfortunately, the result of this obsession is that people often over-exercise their abdominals and the consequences arenโ€™t fun or pretty. The effects of over-exercising, constantly flexing or tightening the abs include:

  • Poor posture
  • Congestion of the internal organs
  • Disruption of normal diaphragmatic movement, resulting in impaired respiration and imbalances in the breathing muscles
  • Constriction of the energy flow through the meridians that run through the abdominal wall, with decreased efficiency of all internal organs
  • Disruption of lymphatic flow that weakens the bodyโ€™s detoxification system and immune system and disturbs general circulation

Sure, well-developed abdominals are attractive, but itโ€™s more important that they are functional. So what can you do to ensure that your abs remain functional and healthy?

REV-SwissBallFig5-300x157Stretch! A Swiss ball is probably the easiest, most effective method for stretching the abs.

By laying over the ball as you see here and raising your arms, you can stretch the abdominal wall, and provide some stretch to the synergistic hip and neck flexors.

Do this for at least one minute per session and remember to listen to your Dr. Movement about when to work out and when to work in.

If you can do those things, your exercise will be more effective, and youโ€™ll have the abs you want and the functionality you need.

Love and chi,