Do you spend a lot of time during your work day staring at a computer screen?

Are your workouts focused on exercises like squats, pushups, dead lifts and bench presses that don’t cross the mid-line of your body or ones that don’t require rotational movements?

If you’ve been doing either of these activities for a while, you may have started to notice the left and right hemispheres of your brain are having trouble communicating properly.

These problems can manifest in a number of ways, from forgetfulness and not feeling completely present in common situations to brain fog and anxiousness.

I’ll show you how to perform a simple brain gym exercise that can help you feel more connected by coordinating your breathing with simple body movements in this video.

It’s a good idea to take off your shoes before performing this exercise too, as exposure to electromagnetic pollution bouncing all around our bodies creates a disintegration of the hemispheres.

Make sure your feet are grounded to the ground or even your sidewalk or driveway, so the electromagnetic pollution drains naturally into the earth.

Fun fact: I use this exercise frequently before filming my videos, especially when I’m rushing and feeling like I’m packing a lot of things into my work day which is pretty common for me.

This brain gym exercise and others like it are very similar to the zone exercises contained in my book, How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy.

Love and chi,