During this short series on the problems with mouth breathing, I’ve demonstrated how it can affect you from the psychological and physical sides of the equation.

For this final video, I want to examine the challenges of mouth breathing from a biochemical perspective.

One of the leading causes of mouth breathing on the biochemical side is a response by the immune system provoked by your body’s exposure to foods and drinks that generate an overproduction of mucus.

If your bone structure is already imbalanced and narrowed due to issues related to the cranial rule of thirds, you’re already compromised, which means issues with a faulty biochemistry contribute more heavily to mouth breathing.

What’s more, if you’re not careful, you can trigger mouth breathing as well as postural changes that can lead to many more problems such as headaches, joint issues and assorted musculoskeletal problems just to name a few.

I’ll demonstrate how my 6 foundation principles β€” nutrition, hydration, sleep, breathing, thinking and movement β€” all play critical roles in preventing mouth breathing, so long as you work with them consistently.

Love and chi,