In part 2 of my series on Mouth Breathing, I described some of the psychological factors that prevent you from breathing properly.

This time, I want to share two very common physical problems related to mouth breathing from the physical end of things, including one you might not expect: Nutrition.

Dr. Francis Pottenger talked about the many problems associated with processed foods very early based on his research compiled in the book, Pottenger’s Cats: A Study in Nutrition.

Based on his research on cats, Pottenger (as well as Weston A. Price) concluded eating processed foods was damaging to first-generation eaters and how this was passed down to their offspring.

Given how much we know now about the toxic substances hiding in processed foods that poison our health, it’s not surprising that your parents may have been malnourished too.

In my video, you’ll learn how you can assess for yourself if your parents may have been malnourished and why being flat-footed may be a tell-tale sign too.

Love and chi,