How’s your breathing been lately?

Maybe, you’re feeling stressed, dealing with physical problems or coping with exposure to toxic substances or other issues that are creating breathing challenges in your life.

Just those variables alone probably include a lot of people. Given that the average human breathes nearly 26,000 times every day, it’s not hard to recognize when breathing is a problem…

Your body can go without food or water for a good while, but you cannot survive much longer than about three minutes without breathing.

If you have a breathing problem, your body will sacrifice every other system to make that happen, which is why the only thing higher than breathing on the CHEK Totem Pole is the psyche!

Breathing through your mouth when exercising or doing typical physical tasks is normal and expected, but not when you’re resting or during periods of low stress common with daily activities.

In the first of a four-part series, I’ll share an overview of what I see are some common challenges related to mouth breathing along with the body-mind effects of optimal breathing.

In future videos, I’ll address breathing pattern disorders and mouth breathing related to more specific problems.

Love and chi,