When you feel pain, let’s say in your foot, are you really sure that’s where it started?

Any one joint in the body can create a kinetic effect on every other joint in the body, according to the research. So how do you figure out where the problem is?

For example, a simple blockage in any of your foot joints can create a dysfunction anywhere throughout the kinetic chain, all the way up to your head or jaw.

That’s why you need to think these things through more holistically, or you can end up doing more harm than good to your body and never really solve the problem.

Understanding mobilization — the normalization of muscles, connective tissues, cells, fluids and joints — improves the functional synergy and energy flow of your body, the subject of the latest part of my series on movement as medicine.

You’ll also see how the Chakra System plays an important role in the mobilization process and I’ll share some simple and inexpensive tools you can use to improve mobilization.

Love and chi,