This week, I’m going to challenge you…

How do you describe yourself to others or your self? Do you see your self as a person whose dreams and goals are aligned with your values, or not?

What can you do if this alignment isn’t working right?

This time, I want to share a fun exercise with you using the power of the metaphor as a way to examine how our life extends beyond the relationships we have and the things we do every day.

This is a multi-step process in which you’ll want to stop the video as you move through it to jot down your thoughts.

The first step — What is your dream? — may be the hardest one for many of you to identify, but it’s the most critical step that defines how you proceed.

If you have trouble getting your head around this concept, I’ll show you how using my life as a template.

The goal: Using the metaphor to ensure your dreams are congruent with the life and values you’re living and if your heart and soul feel a strong connection to them.

By achieving a clear line of sight between your dreams and metaphor, you’ll recognize what is really working in your life and who or what may be getting in the way of it too.

Love and chi,