Have you ever been so mesmerized by something you were reading, watching or listening to that you forgot what time it was?

Iโ€™ve experienced this a lot in my spare time while reading and studying the work of people I admire (Rumi, Joseph Campbell, Carl Jung).

I enjoy connecting to the deeper elements of what these amazing people are telling me, and not only in their words or intellectual concepts, but whatโ€™s really happening inside me.

I would find myself in such deep states of contemplative meditation that I lost all track of time and was late to meetings or forgot to do basic things like eating.

Considering so many of you enjoyed my recent Living 4D podcast conversation with the very awesome Shinzen Young, in this video I want to share how I use contemplative meditation to show you how get to places that often confuse the conscious ego/mind.

If you want to work with contemplative meditation, my video features the poem, A Piece of Wood, from the awesome book A Year With Rumi: Daily Readings by Coleman Barks.

Love and chi,