Managing Your Food DragonsIt doesnโ€™t take a genius to recognize that we have more chronic disease, obesity, diabetes and sedentary people than ever before which is why it’s so important to manage your “food dragons.”

Dragons are virtual beings of spirit — literally energy in action — that are enlivened by our own conscious or unconscious drives, motives, intentions or values when we live in ways that aren’t congruent with our stated dreams.

In my video, I use Jung’s Psychological Compass to help you better understand how dragons are created, why you have symptoms that you donโ€™t want and how they create disharmony from within.

For example, if you’re drinking pasteurized milk and it’s causing health problems, you may be creating a black (unconscious) dragon to the degree that you believe you’re doing the right thing but are ignoring the symptoms you create.

If any of these points on Jung’s compass are disabled, you experience a higher degree of unconscious expression and act out ready-fire-aim behaviors, then wonder why you said or did something that you shouldn’t have.

By understanding the compass, you’ll better recognize and handle your dragons and experience a more grounded, holistic perspective about the bigger world surrounding you.

Love and chi,