Which portion of the average workout is neglected or just plain forgotten by so many people in the gym?

I’ve seen so many people jump into their workout routine and skip the most important part — the warm-up — that I want to share with you how I get ready for exercise.

In my video, I demonstrate a variety of movements, partly to remind you to have fun in the gym and be creative. You don’t have to do what everyone else is doing in the gym to get going. Remember, what works well for someone else may not help you…

You can perform these movements in a light and easy way or as vigorously as you want to do them. Starting out, however, I recommend slower and less intense movements, then picking up your pace and changing the tempo after you get warmed up.

I understand why people cut back on the warm-up — it adds a few extra minutes in the gym — but the real benefit is keeping you focused on movements based on solid biomechanical principles that don’t hurt you or slow down your progress.

Love and chi,