What does unconditional love mean to you?

If you meditate on it for a bit, you may come up with something very traditional, like love with no conditions

However, if I say I love my son, I’ve just created a condition that excludes everyone else.

Any time you assign love in any direction, you create a condition whether you know it or not. (You could say I love my son unconditionally no matter what kind of person he becomes, but that’s not the point here.)

Unconditional love equals zero. Zero has no border, barrier or definition. In this sense, zero does not mean nothing. Instead, it’s no-thing which really means every-thing.

Why? Something that exists as potential doesn’t have to be defined. It’s potential. And, because no-thing is everywhere and nowhere at the same time, it’s simultaneously every-thing.

I appreciate that these concepts can be hard to understand at a rational level. That’s why it’s important to remember prose has a counterpart called poetry. Logic has a counterpart called illogic.

In other words, there’s complementary opposites in every-thing.

I hope you enjoy this interesting and deep dive into the meaning of unconditional love. If you want to get more inspired and open your mind to these kinds of concepts, look for the book, Knowledge of Time and Space by Tarthang Tulku.

Love and chi,