When you ask most Americans about what kinds of tea they like, too many of them will tell you some version of unhealthy, non-organic sweet tea (containing at least 22 grams of sugar per 8 ounces) and they drink it by the gallon to quench their thirst.

In other words, you’re drinking some version of non-organic sweet water that’s not much better than the average soft drink…

But, as you know, all food is medicine and tea is no exception.

Fact is, drinking tea can be an important tool to help you accomplish many health goals, from improving your gut health and stress levels to managing your hunger and doing more with your breath work.

Because so many Americans use tea as just another caffeine delivery system, it’s important to understand how and why tea works the ways it does.

Our latest Living 4D Podcast Rewind features Simon Cheng, the co-founder and CEO of Pique, a company that creates blends of organic, doctor-approved teas.

Not only will Simon share a quick history of tea, he’ll warn you about the kinds of tea should avoid and explain why you should start following a tea drinking protocol.