Why are male fertility problems less of an issue for a couple trying to conceive a child? Maybe, it’s the dominating patriarchal archetype diverting the attention from men that’s the real problem.

Could a general lack of understanding among men about what sex really means to their female partners — the act of sex alone doesn’t make women feel loved — be an issue?

And, are you so out of touch with your partner’s needs that you don’t know the difference between an orgasm and ejaculation?

CHEK Professional (HLC Level 3) Sarah Hopkins believes many fertility issues — endometriosis, infertility and fibroids — can be linked to a woman’s feeling of shame and vulnerability directly associated with sex and her sex organs.

Sarah describes her journey of evolution from punishing her body with exercise and calorie-restrictive diets to serious illness and an inability to conceive to discovering How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy and becoming a very healthy and successful CHEK Professional (HLC Level 3) and Mom in our latest Living 4D Podcast Rewind.

Sarah also describes the bridges she’s built with allopathic medical practitioners and why having an open mind and heart are important prerequisites to being a successful CHEK Professional.