Women really get the short stick, often contorting their minds and bodies to conform to predetermined roles that leave them virtually no time or opportunity to pursue healthy lives.

When their health takes a dive due to all these sacrifices, typically it’s all on them to convince a disinterested allopathic medical profession they have unique problems — different emotions and biology compared to their male counterparts — that deserve care and attention.

How do women begin to embrace their agency and become whole and healthy, maybe for their first time in their lives?

Take the Hero’s Journey with Sara Gustafson, a very successful CHEK Professional based in Austin and the creator/instructor of the Holistic Health and Performance for Women course, in this Living 4D Podcast Rewind.

Sara describes the unique health challenges women face and how to overcome them, the four feminine archetypes, balancing hormonal cycles with exercise and why resistance training is ideal for women.

Learn more about Sara’s woman-focused work at her Primal Fusion website.