Kettlebells can be one of the most versatile, functional and effective tools you use in the gym, but only IF you know what you’re doing.

There’s few people (besides Paul) who how to use a kettlebell more safely and effectively than Mike Salemi, a CHEK Professional and Master of Sport in multiple divisions.

Mike shares his unique athletic journey that led him to become a World Champion in his sport in this Living 4D Podcast Rewind.

The path that led Mike to the world championship in his sport was indeed a triumphant one, after a series of detours that led him back to the family business for eight years, before returning to professional competition.

You’ll also experience a bird’s eye view of how an athlete pursues a professional career while embracing CHEK/4 Doctors principles and how the basics of flexibility, working in and working out and proper breathing can make a world of difference in your health and performance in the gym.