Among those who question CHEK principles, there is a common concern: How do the 4 Doctors and other philosophies work in the real world?

Maybe a whole lot easier than you think…

In this Living 4D Podcast Rewind, you’ll meet someone on “the inside” of Corporate America who influences more than 14,000 people all over the world.

Michael Susi, LinkedIn’s director of global wellness and CHEK Professional, describes how CHEK principles have helped him “tell people what they want to hear, but still give them what they really need” to be healthy.

That’s vitally important because a lack of wellness often prevents people from following their dreams, leading to emotional and physical pains that get tougher to overcome over time.

Michael also reveals the “Chekism” he shares the most, the three primary sleep disruptors LinkedIn employees struggle with all over the world and how he got the Fitness Jesus name.