Did you know the belief that we’re incapable as a society of eradicating starvation and feeding our planet is, in reality, a myth?

There are tribes in Central America and Mexico who have been living off the land for more than 500 years, one of many interesting facts about growing healthy foods you’ll discover in this Living 4D Rewind conversation between Paul and ecological designer Michael Judd.

You’ll also learn about the practice of permaculture, a holistic approach that blends gardening, forestry and socioeconomic realities together in order to design landscapes in ways mirror the natural patterns and relationships found in nature.

The magic behind permaculture comes from a landscape design that will thrive on its own with very low maintenance.

“I’ve been absolutely amazed with the systems that I’ve put in place and then literally been pulled away and they’ve thrived even with neglect,” Michael says. “I think that’s always a good design consideration, especially in our busy world.”

During this Living 4D rewind, Michael also talks about some of the things you can grow on your own with little to no land, why the explosion of GMO crops is creating more food insecurity and how working with fungi can regenerate the planet.

If you want to dig deeper into Michael’s knowledge of permaculture, check out his excellent book, Edible Landscaping With a Permaculture Twist.