Most people work very hard to avoid pain, doing all they can to mute it, ignore it or, in many cases, drug it out of existence.

In their haste to get rid of pain, people often forget that the sensations they’re feeling are there for a reason. For example, stepping on a rusty nail or being yelled at by your boss are painful experiences and there are consequences for ignoring both to your mental and physical health.

Doing nothing is a legitimate choice but delays often prolong the pain and prevent you from taking real responsibility for it.

At some point, however, you do have to make a choice…

You can inhabit your pain and blame others for your problems, or you can embrace the responsibility for solving them and learn a lot about who you really are.

In part 3 of this Living 4D Podcast Rewind series, Paul shares some of the many lessons you can learn from the Pain Teacher to help you grow personally, spiritually and professionally.