If you listen to Paul’s Living 4D podcasts regularly, you’ve probably heard him talking about the legendary Carl Jung and the effect his work has had on him as well as his clients and students on A LOT!

Depending on who you talk to about Jung’s work, terms like God, archetype, myth and ego may mean entirely different things.

In this Living 4D Podcast Rewind, Paul discusses Jung’s work and how his influences resonate to this day with James Hollis, a Jungian psychoanalyst, former executive director of Jung-based centers in Houston and Washington D.C. and the author of 16 books including his newest release, Living Between Worlds: Finding Resilience in Changing Times.

“We have to remember the ego is a functional complex. When I use the word complex, I’m using it as a neutral term. It’s a cluster of our history. It’s a cluster of energy that’s within us.

“We call it up out of all of our possible associations and ego identification. And that’s useful and appropriate. If we don’t have that ego functioning, we would be strictly living at the instinctual level and unable to function in contemporary civilization.

“The problem comes from the inflation of the ego, the fantasy that it’s in charge.”

Also, you’ll learn the differences between ethics and morals, why fundamentalism is merely an escape from dealing with the complexities of life and the four basic functions that myth serves.