When life brings unexpected challenges, like a painful injury — or several of them — so many people become paralyzed about what to do next, they just get stuck and stop doing anything to help themselves.

Can you imagine anyone enduring 16 major surgeries to relieve pain? At any point along the way, most people would’ve given up, but not Gary Crozier.

A quarter century ago, Gary sold everything he had to work with Paul in New Zealand and become a test case for Level 3 CHEK students during a nine-day class.

That is, until Gary started answering questions Paul posed to students from the table and Paul realized the special gifts this very determined man had.

Gary describes his epic journey that led him to become an award-winning personal trainer and CHEK Professional, the benefits of mitigating your risks and leaving your ego at the front door and how to use pain as a positive in this inspiring Living 4D Podcast Rewind.