What does expressing your sexual energy really mean to you? Do you know your libido story? Do you think about your sexuality beyond the physical realm?

Noted doctor of sexology and integrative medicine expert Dr. Keesha Ewers discusses the deeper meaning of sexuality with Paul in this arousing Living 4D Podcast Rewind.

Keesha takes issue with the conventional ways Americans view sex as something disposable and not at all revitalizing or fulfilling. “I had a teacher a long time ago who referred to sex in America as eating the leftovers off the table that would give your dog…

As you’ll quickly learn in this deep and intimate conversation between whole health professionals, nothing is off the table, including some of the taboos that people shy away from talking about.

If you’re struggling with self-destructive practices or behaviors, it may be the lack of approval due to polarized judgements from your family or peers when it comes to expressing your sexuality honestly, safely and intimately with your partner.

Sexual challenges are here for good reasons: To help you learn how to solve conflicts, grow deeper in love with yourself and your partner and become better, healthier people.