Why (and how) did ancient civilizations build amazing structures, many of them on top of each other, in the very same spot?

Our ancestors were really onto something, as those locations, energies and shapes manifested profound healing properties.

It’s a given that the buildings and homes we construct today are largely bereft of those beneficial healing energies… so how do we get them back?

Learn how to bring healing to your home with BioGeometry as Paul talks to the amazing Dr. Ibrahim Karim, in the first of a two-part Living 4D Podcast Rewind series.

Dr. Karim describes the problems with invasive electromagnetic radiation and the flood of information that contribute to global warming, the challenge of building healthy structures for kids with autism and farming practices that benefit from BioGeometry.

Look for part two of our Living 4D Podcast Rewind next month as Paul talks to Doreya Karim and a very special announcement about our landmark 200th Living 4D episode!