Last month, we shared the work and wisdom of Dr. Ibrahim Karim, the creator of BioGeometry in our ongoing Living 4D Podcast Rewind series. During his conversation with Paul, Dr. Karim described the foundations of BioGeometry, literally from ancient times to the present.

This time, Doreya Karim gets into the nuts and bolts of BioGeometry as a healing modality (shape therapy) through what she calls the physics of quality that provides a language of breaking down every vibrational effect on the human body in this latest Living 4D Podcast Rewind.

Doreya explains how to create a sacred, centering space in your home and on your body with BioGeometry, describes the connection between energy and information and shares examples of how subtle energy pathways are affected by this amazing technology.

If you’ve enjoyed this short Living 4D Podcast Rewind series (we’ll be doing more of them!) about the benefits of BioGeometry, Dr. Ibrahim Karim will be making a return appearance in Paul’s landmark 200th Living 4D episode on Tuesday, Aug. 2.