Doing a random Google search on CrossFit can lead one down a very scary path with warnings about the many problems — both physical and mental — it can do to the human body.

Still, lots of people swear by CrossFit and enjoy it immensely despite the challenges they face.

But, is it really possible to benefit from the demands of CrossFit?

Dale Walker, a physiotherapist in the U.K. (physical therapist in the U.S.) and an officer in the British Forces, discusses the benefits of functional movement along with the pros and cons of CrossFit with Paul in this Living 4D Podcast Rewind.

“We’ve gone to that functional way of training because it is the future is how we should be training,” Dale says. “Obviously, we don’t want to throw everything else, you know. Bodybuilding still has a place. Endurance training still has a place. But really we’ve seen the benefits of combining that training and that’s where things like CrossFit have become so popular.”

You’ll also discover how Paul’s seminal work, How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy!, became the Bible in Dale’s work with athletes.