Ever talked to a Shaman? What do you think a Shaman would be like in the real world?

In this latest Living 4D Podcast Rewind, Paul talks to Angie Chek (a CHEK Practitioner, certified nutritionist) about her journey as a Shaman.

Angie describes Shamanism as “a deep connection to the Earth in the spirits of animals and plants and being aware that everything is alive.”

Although Angie’s journey started just a decade ago, there were signs when she was a child that her destiny would take her on a Shamanic path.

Also, you’ll discover how to become a Shaman (you study at a Mystery School), what tools they use (drums are invaluable), when you may want to see a Shaman (to help you heal) and why hearing strange voices in your head may be a sign that you’re a Shaman (without the training).

If you’re interested in learning more about the practice of Shamanism, Angie recommends checking out The Way of the Shaman by Michael Harner.