With all of the strife going on in our lives, it’s important to stay inspired no matter how difficult it can be to find it…

I think it would be very hard NOT to be inspired by the life of former professional athlete, longtime CHEK Practitioner and cancer survivor Andrew Johnston, the focus of our latest Living 4D Podcast Rewind.

Andrew had already enjoyed a great deal of success as a professional cyclist (an Olympic qualifier) and triathlete and as a trainer and kinesiologist before a physical breakdown during an Iron Man event led to a leukemia diagnosis in 2004.

Not long after his diagnosis, Andrew started his CHEK education and really began to understand the important role emotions play in fostering optimal health.

Since his recovery, Andrew hasn’t stopped grinding, becoming the first leukemia survivor to qualify for and complete the Hawaii Iron Man World Championships and being selected one of the top trainers in the country by Men’s Health.

Andrew talks about the emotional origins behind disease, the differences between plant medicines and meditation and why charging down a finish line surrounded by 200 competitors can bring you closer to God than sitting in a church.