Recently, Paul has shared a video series on his 4 Doctors Approach to Miraculous Living that leans heavily on the work of Dr. Amit Goswami and his amazing book, Physics of the Soul, that was inspired by the teachings of Sri Aurobindo.

Given all the recent attention Paul has paid to Amit, a world-renowned theoretical quantum physicist, we wanted to share his conversation with Paul and Dr. Valentina Onisor for the latest installment of our Living 4D Podcast Rewind series.

In addition to addressing the divide among scientists about the existence of quantum physics, Amit and Valentina discuss the plague of scientific materialism, re-incorporating morality into the study of science, the value of myth and archetypes and why consciousness is more than using our brains.

If you want to learn more about the intersection of quantum physics and spirituality, check out the most recent collaboration by Amit and Valentina, Quantum Spirituality: The Pursuit of Wholeness.