The snail has become or has always been my power “animal”.

I have had a love affair with snails since childhood.  I used to run around day-care looking for snails slowly crossing walkways; I would pick up as many as possible to protect them from being stepped on.

Fast forward to present day….

The snail to me has become symbolic of my journey, or at least how I feel about my journey in this moment.

The snail carries his home with him wherever he goes.  For me this represents learning to accept all of me. I carry all of me wherever I travel consciously and unconsciously.  It also represents that I can be home no matter where I travel, as home is simply an aspect of my perception.  Lastly it represents that I do have a healthy ego, it is becoming softer but is a necessary aspect of my life and experience.

The more parts of self I integrate and the more I learn to love all of me, possibly the less co-dependent on others I become to meet my emotional needs.  This may reduce judgment, ownership, guilt, shame, blame, resentment, fear and jealously.  In essence, if I learn to accept the “house (shell)” I have created for myself, I become less likely to look to others to fill my perceived conscious and sub-conscious needs, which I hope creates freedom for all of us to be more authentic, and move with less fear.

The snail moves slowly.  For me this represents the ability to be aware/present in each moment, to breathe, to observe, to respond, to choose, to be open to the surprises that come each day.  One can still MOVE fast – To be a snail within is to be, methodical, observant, thoughtful, mindful, paced, balanced no matter what the external reality presents.

Lastly, the snail lays a smooth substance to glide over any terrain.  To me this represents the ability to navigate any life situation knowing there is always a smooth substance of Love guiding me, and supporting me.  This substance allows me to find safety in any situation, not through denial of the challenge, but through embracing the challenge and finding purpose in all that life presents.

In my experience of being a C.H.E.K Practitioner, I find myself surrounded by rabbits.  That’s not a negative – I just have never been a rabbit.

I find parts of myself wanting to keep up with the rabbits… this course, that course, continual search outside of myself for answers and more tools.   The snail reminds me to be present with the material, knowledge, and wisdom I currently have and to master this before moving on to more.

The path of the snail, for me, is mastery of self.

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