Intelligent Stretching Part 1Stretching is an ancient form of exercise that goes deeper into evolution than man himself. If you’re wondering what I mean, watch any cat or dog and you will often see them stretch after they have arisen from a rest. Even birds can often be seen stretching their wing muscles too.

Most ancient martial arts and conditioning systems incorporate stretching as an integral part of athletic development. Stretching has also been part of healing practices for thousands of years.

But have we learned anything recently that will improve your results with stretching? Yes, we have. In this multi-part article, I’ll share these tips for getting maximum results in minimum time with stretching:

  • Learning about tonic, phasic and mixed muscle types and which ones should be stretched first.
  • Discovering when is the best time to stretch based on the desired outcome.
  • Reviewing two basic approaches for lengthening the muscle-tendon unit and determining which one is best for you.
  • Changing your stretching routine as your body or your activities change, if you want the best results!

Not all muscles are alike