We’re big on balance here at the Institute, and one of the most common effects of allowing our lives to slide out of balance is inflammation. And there’s a good reason why we say that we’reย inflamed when we’re experiencing it – it feels like your body is on fire!

In this interview – really a short masterclass! – Jo Rushton provides a primer on inflammation. What is it really? What causes it? And most importantly, what can we do to reduce it?

As always, Jo has a number of simple, practical tips to help reduce inflammation that you can start using straight away.

So have a watch below – this is going to be a classic:

During the interview, we mention Joโ€™s ebook The Holy Kale of Superfoods. Unfortunately, the special offer has now come to an end. However, you should stay tuned to future blog posts โ€“ we may have other gifts for you!