When I write about Dr. Quiet, I often talk about meditation. For some of my readers or viewers, the idea of meditation is a big turn off – most of you are very active, high energy people!

But giving your mind a chance to take a break – to calm down from all the racing thoughts and stresses of the day – really is important to your health and happiness.

If you are high energy, and the prospect of meditation just doesn’t sit well with you, what should you do?

That’s a question I get a lot!

So I put a video together about active meditation, showing you how to use physical activity to relax and rest your mind. All of these are simple Swiss Ball exercises that will help you to channel your inner stresses into something productive.

If you’re feeling stressed now, get on up, grab a swiss ball and try these!

And even if you’re a champ at more traditional meditation, I think you’ll find you will benefit from these active meditations greatly.

Enjoy your time with Dr. Quiet!