How to Inspire Change in Your ClientsAs a CHEK Professional, how do you inspire change in your clients?

Do you show and explain the many benefits of change in vivid detail? Do you assign clients homework in hopes of laying a foundation for a better, healthier life ahead? Is it being prepared for every possible scenario?

Anyone can be β€œbooksmart” and use props to make a point, but it takes much more than that to be the kind of professional a client will listen to.

What qualities really separate you from everyone else?

In our newest video conversation, CHEK Faculty Member Warren Williams explains how your approach must be simpler, deeper and more personal than just being able to recall every bit of knowledge you’ve learned in a heartbeat.

If you want to help clients navigate the straightest path toward change, your success or failure starts and ends by being and living the change, the journey, the mindset you want to see in the world every day.

This authenticity you display to clients shows up in so many ways. For example, the confidence you have in your skills is so obvious to clients you meet that they will gravitate to you.

And, not surprisingly, these will be clients who will be a good fit for you and be ready to respond to your guidance.

How do some coaches find clients easily, while you’re struggling? Watch my latest video conversation with Warren and learn how to keep clients even long after your work with them is done…