Not too long ago, someone reached out to me with a very deep question: How will I know when to make decisions based on my heart or my ego?

There’s no simple answer to this question but, if you’re looking help, this video examines the major components — the home of We (heart) and the Idea-plex (ego) — of good decision-making.

I’ll also touch on a facet of this process that doesn’t get a lot of attention: Your instincts. You can’t ignore them because neither the heart or head operate in absence of them.

I believe one of the biggest challenges people face today is how they may suppress their natural instincts about everyday situations due to the busy pace of their lives that disconnects them from the earth.

You can see this right away with how people get around town via their natural sense of direction, or a lack of one. It’s easy for me to find my way around the world without a mobile phone in my hand, but how many of you would be lost without one?

Take away our instincts and our hearts and heads have a much harder time navigating the physical world and making optimal decisions that are both health- and life-affirming for you and everyone else in your life.

Love and chi,