What do you experience when you feel emptiness? Many of you may feel there’s something wrong when you encounter emptiness, but it may not be what you assume…

I believe emptiness is a code word for God or Great Spirit which is the prime source of all existence and experience.

As you know, I think a lot of the problems in the world start with people believing that religious ideology and words recited verbatim from a pulpit or read in a book as gospel can be equal to the experience of God.

In my video, I describe the concerns I have about people talking about emptiness, knowing full well there’s nothing anyone could say with words or symbols that would begin to accurately describe Great Spirit or God.

The act of saying words or writing symbols on a blank page exclude God by definition completely. For example, writing or saying the words God says or God expects about anything are elementary misunderstandings about what God or Great Spirit really is or means.

I hope this video helps you better understand that God is a process of inner feeling and seeing, and not an intellectual construct others often manipulate.

Invest a little more time making your spiritual practices an important part of your daily life, not just one day a week inside a building where people tell you what and how to think about God or Great Spirit.

Love and chi,