How Dietary Restraint Can Cause Weight GainAs we’ve learned in Jator Pierre’s recent series of videos on fat loss, losing weight becomes even harder when the fat you’re “wearing” on your body feels like a familiar set of clothes that’s too hard to give up.

In my latest video conversation with Jator, we discuss two other critical factors at work that prevent you from losing the weight you need — “Cognitive Dietary Restraint” and a lack of sleep that disrupt the hypothalamic-pituitary adrenal (HPA) axis.

Obsessing over calories, avoiding “bad” foods, watching your portions and weighing in every day — behaviors that feed cognitive dietary restraint — create stress-related dysfunctions of the HPA axis and can cause you to accumulate more body fat, despite your best efforts to control your diet, amongst other health challenges.

And, as Jator reminded us in a previous video, you can be doing everything right but if you’re not paying attention to your sleep habits, all the good work you may be doing in other areas of your health, including diet, is being wasted.

Watch my latest video conversation with Jator and you”ll learn why poor sleep is linked to an inability to lose body fat.