Want to learn a simple technique that can help your body in many ways (emotional, biomechanical and visceral)?

In this video, I’ll show you how to release the abdominal wall or what’s called in osteopathy the front panel (the chest, abdomen and quads) with the help of a foam roller.

No matter if you’re sitting with a slouched back in front of a computer many hours each day in the office or being massively in love with doing crunches or other abdominal exercises in the gym, those activities can lead to an escalation of tension in the abdomen and hip flexors.

Over time, this disrupts the flow of energy throughout your meridian system which keeps energies and emotions trapped inside your body that need to get out.

The goal: Ensuring that your breathing and the movement of your diaphragm (along with your diet) support the unrestricted pumping of lymphatic fluid throughout your body. Protecting that pumping helps your body deliver antibodies where they’re needed and keeps your body clean too.

Before you start watching the video, please pay close attention to any discomfort your body may be feeling. Do what feels good and don’t beat your body up. You may be surprised (or not surprised) to know that some people can be just as dumb about how to use a foam roller properly and not painfully as they are with weights!

Enjoy this technique and stay safe!

Love and chi,