By now, I hope you’ve worked with connecting to your deeper parts of your heart and my three-step model for healing in part 1 and part 2 of this series.

This week, I’ll show you how all of these elements fit together to help you better understand what happiness really is so you can really begin to embrace it.

As you’ve worked through this process up to now, you’re probably already realizing that you’ve been in a state of happiness but probably just misinterpreted what was really going on (with the help of your ego).

Most people perceive happiness as being in a state in which everything is exactly how and where they want it to be, and have all the toys at their disposal too.

So, how can some people have everything they need — all the sex, money and resources — at their fingertips and still be unhappy? There’s plenty of objective evidence out there that shows having all of those things doesn’t result in higher levels of happiness.

As you’ll see in the model I share with you in this video, consciousness can’t exist without the positive and negative polarities of information and energy. Happiness can’t exist without them either…

Yet, too many of us are aware that we’re doing and saying things and acting in ways that don’t produce happiness and harmony in our relationships in our selves or in the world but keep doing them anyway. That’s programming or unconscious behavior.

When we become conscious of what’s positive in our lives, we can take steps to reinforce them. When we realize what’s negative in our lives and relationships, we can use that information as awareness to make changes for the better.

Understanding both gives us the knowledge we need to live dream-affirmative lives.

Love and chi,