In part 1 of this short series on happiness, I showed you how information naturally flows to and through your body and moving past the programming to be a whole and healthy human being.

This week, I want to take you through a simple process I developed that’s helped me and my clients a lot. It’s a marriage of different concepts, based on my studies in art therapy as well as the teachings of Arnold Mindell, the founder of process psychology.

This simple three-step model is one you can use very powerfully and effectively to begin the healing process. (Before sharing it with others, I recommend working with it on your own a few times.)

To do this exercise, all you need is a sketchpad and some pens or pencils that span the colors of the rainbow, plus gold, silver and black.

These colors are important because they encompass the palette of vibrations that produce the proper frequency, so this piece of art can act energetically on you as a form of energy medicine.

To get started, think about a challenging issue in your life right now, either a long simmering problem that’s holding you back (a painful loss of a parent or friend) or a more recent one that’s fresh in your mind.

The goal here is to free up a lot of trapped energy and emotions in your body that are bound to a problem.

As you practice using my model to take yourself through this process, you’ll learn something miraculous. Each one of your challenges and pains carry with it the necessary seeds for developing higher consciousness and a greater capacity to love ourselves, others and the world.

Love and chi,