CHEK Academy Insights | Health & Fitness During the COVID-19 Pandemic

As we have witnessed in the last few months, the Coronavirus pandemic is portrayed as a serious threat to everyone. And I’m not saying it’s not a threat. It is an actual virus, but we must remember that this virus is only one of a myriad of potential opportunistic microorganisms in the environment. 

They’re there all the time! To some extent, the Coronavirus is just like any other infectious organism, and fighting it is no different from fighting many other such viruses. By practicing healthy living, your immune system will build antibodies and you’ll be on your way. 

When you look at the industrialized nations around the world, most people are eating garbage, most people are sleep deprived, most people are trapped in fear-based thinking, and so on. Just look at how many people die every day because they ignored their 4 Doctors… it will really freak the hell out of you!

You can’t look only at the Coronavirus problem and ignore all the others, as if, for example, when looking at the night sky, you would choose to see a single star and ignore the rest. So, our job as health and fitness professionals is to look at the whole picture. We must analyze the situation in context and adapt both our practices and businesses to meet our clients’ needs.

Health & Fitness in 2020

If you’re anything like me, building and maintaining a holistic health & performance business means fulfilling a dream: that of restoring health and vitality to the world and those who live in it, especially now, when the pandemic adds to the other problems we’re facing. In some sense, this virus adds insult to injury.

Let me tell you this. Lately, I’ve been asked one generic question a lot. People are asking for – as Brian Rose from London Real put it – a Paul Chek view on what’s just happened to us as a species. There is no point in repeating all of it here, so feel free to watch the whole show, but the main idea is this:

We have traumatized the planet, and Mother Earth is sending out a cry, a warning call, to say we must change quickly or our days are potentially numbered.

Now, bringing your body into balance and living according to the six foundation principles, that is what the entire CHEK Institute education system is based upon. At the  same time, you need to learning to build and maintain a business that meets your clients’ needs consistently and professionally. That is why the CHEK Academy dedicates a significant amount of time to helping students set up and grow their own practice.

OK, but how does the pandemic affect the activities of the CHEK Professional? That is another question I get a lot these days. Our care model is more fitting than ever! That’s my answer. 

It’s the CHEK Professional’s Time to Shine

The pandemic does not put CHEK Professionals in a difficult spot. If anything, it has opened up new opportunities and we are closer than ever to the paradigm shift we have been striving to bring to the health sector. 

Preventing viral infections is a built-in component of the practice model I’ve designed. We don’t hoard clients and we don’t offer one-size-fits-all solutions. We prioritize sensible hygiene that is harmonious with nature and we approach health and fitness in a holistic fashion. I train all of my students to search for the minutest details, not to ignore them. 

The CHEK system, when followed, produces the most healthy and resilient people out there – people far more resistant to COVID. Maybe I’m missing something, but I dare you to find one counter-example.

Our unique, individualized approach means that we take on fewer patients and offer incredibly focused care. That is why our a