Happy 2016!

It’s the New Year and it’s a natural time of year to project our dreams of vital health, business success, financial prosperity, relationship intimacy and spiritual balance. As CHEK and HLC Practitioners we strive to embody values that support CHEK Principles while living as loving human beings. We authentically desire to live in integrity and be exemplary coaches. If you are like me, you are eager to be the very best professional you can be.

I think that you will agree that the process is not linear; meeting the demands of any business includes people of course. These people are those on your dream team, your clients and customers, and all those whom you are attracting. With the growing number of people entering your field, the CHEK Professional cannot afford not to be innovating and less than fully client-oriented. attractclients

Building a clientele isn’t always easy, especially when you are changing careers or are new to the coaching business. As a coach, you will attract people based on your professional integrity and values. Acti