Happy 2016!

It’s the New Year and it’s a natural time of year to project our dreams of vital health, business success, financial prosperity, relationship intimacy and spiritual balance. As CHEK and HLC Practitioners we strive to embody values that support CHEK Principles while living as loving human beings. We authentically desire to live in integrity and be exemplary coaches. If you are like me, you are eager to be the very best professional you can be.

I think that you will agree that the process is not linear; meeting the demands of any business includes people of course. These people are those on your dream team, your clients and customers, and all those whom you are attracting. With the growing number of people entering your field, the CHEK Professional cannot afford not to be innovating and less than fully client-oriented. attractclients

Building a clientele isn’t always easy, especially when you are changing careers or are new to the coaching business. As a coach, you will attract people based on your professional integrity and values. Acting as a professional will put you in the position to meet them where they are and help them to achieve their objectives and thus yours. This is not only a great honor but also an incredible responsibility.

Professional coaching supports a person to live authentically in service to self and others, while transforming their dreams into reality, creating an empowered life they absolutely Love!

Clients hire a coaching professional because of his or her reputation or availability. They buy services to solve problems. What clients want most from their investment in coaching is to gain:

  1. An understanding and acceptance of who they are – a connection and ownership of their “authentic” self.
  2. Clarity of what is most important to them – what they really want and why.
  3. A deeper belief in themselves and their ability to co-create their dreams, sense of purpose and passion.
  4. An effective supportive system for attracting opportunities that will fulfill their heart’s desires.
  5. More ease, harmony and balance in their lives.
  6. Permission to be all that they can Be!

It’s always the little things that count when working with people of any age or demographic. As a coach, you are valued when you are courteous, timely, prepared and confident, welcome all questions, provide honest answers, and show respect for your client’s opinions, empathy for their lack of knowledge or misunderstanding, and communicate with a sense of humor and compassion. It’s all about trust.

Aspire to touch others greatly and become client-focused!

The coaching professional must continuously add value to the client and to the relationship in order to stay competitive. Your clients need to feel empowered to be their best, for themselves and to trust you. You can show them how by raising your own personal and professional standards, establishing clear boundaries and by showing them how to get the most from your services and the coaching relationship.

What if every client could be your best client? Here are some tips to help you do just that:


  • Let each client know that you want them to become your best client.
  • When they are not acting as if they were your best client, connect and ask clarifying questions around their change process.
  • Identify the tools that they need to get on track to becoming your best client.
  • Coach your client on how to use the tools effectively.
  • Remind them of their Dream often and their chosen 1 Love that is motivating them toward embodying new beliefs and behaviors.
  • Identify those behaviors or attitudes that prevent them from being your best client and coach them accordingly.
  • Set realistic benchmarks for success! Reevaluate your strategies with the client, are they too much, too fast or spot on?
  • If a client really doesn’t comply, discuss that with them, find a work around or let them go if they are draining you.
  • Find a way to introduce your best clients to each other and watch them become even better clients!
  • Hold the vision of your clients achieving their dream, especially when they falter, and let this vision affect how you serve them.
  • Treat each client “as if” they are your best client and they will respond accordingly.

When you develop your skills to the highest possible level, you’ll shift from being competent to being Masterful.

Make 2016 not only a successful year – but a stellar year – for yourself by living as a CHEK Professional but also by allowing your clients to bring out your best coaching – consistently. Invite them to inspire you to keep developing yourself by showing your client how to be your best client. The more you can help others succeed, the more attractive you will be in business and the happier you will become knowing you are being the best CHEK Professional you can be.

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