Who doesn’t need more harmony in their lives?

This week, I want to share a set of skills I’ve developed for my clients to help you create more harmony (ones that I use quite regularly too).

Creating more harmony in your life doesn’t mean there won’t be lots of work to do. In fact, you won’t get to that sustained feeling of harmony without making changes — releasing what isn’t part of your dream from your life — that offer so many opportunities for growth but can be so difficult to achieve.

Unfortunately, too many people cannot get past the acceptance of change, the one universal constant that always a part of any process.

As you dig deep into those changes, there will be some chaos preceding it, but that’s expected when you begin to release the old ways that didn’t work so well and allow the new ways to take root.

Plus, you will need to accept help from others who can guide and work with you in love and awareness. Remember, creating harmony in your life is a little easier when you have people in your life who are committed to the same goals on your side!

I’ll also share the 7 zones of awareness based on the Chakra System, that work with everything from love and sex to personal power and communication.

Love and chi,