Are your exercise routines getting stale?

I enjoy experimenting in the gym because it keeps me honest and always mindful about what I’m able to accomplish (or can’t).

With this in mind, I want to share three exercises with you that will keep your head in the game with the help of a kettlebell (or medicine ball) while sitting on a Swiss ball.

I’ll show you how to perform the floor-to-floor crunch, the around the world and the Russian twist.

Before you take on any of these new exercises, it’s important to proceed with caution and good form. Spend some quality time in the gym listening to your body about what it needs today.

As much as you may like using a kettlebell or medicine ball in tandem with a Swiss ball, your body may not want to be tortured with high-speed plyometric stuff. Instead, it may want to be lengthened and opened.

The beautiful thing about using a Swiss ball: Doing so allows you to get behind the horizontal plane so you can train your abs with a full range of motion which you’ll need to compete in virtually any sport, whether you’re throwing a ball and completing a tennis serve.

Love and chi,