Throughout my series on Movement as Medicine, I’ve reviewed the basics with you, from stretching and breathing to working-in, working-out, stabilization and mobilization.

But how do you organize these components so that you and your clients get the most of out of them?

That’s where the five program design factors we teach in Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 2 (HLC 2) come into play, the final part of my Movement as Medicine series.

  1. Time
  2. Energy
  3. Willingness
  4. Finances
  5. Availability

The cool thing about these program design factors: They are so essential and important for any project you want to accomplish, from building a house to studying to become an HLC-certified health professional.

The key to using these program design factors: All five of them compel you to be realistic and rational about what you want to accomplish.

For example, you’ve got to be realistic about your finances, your time and your availability, so that you have the energy to accomplish your goals and the willingness to carry them out.

These program design factors seem pretty simple concepts on the surface but you’d be very surprised how often my clients and students struggle to make them work!

Love and chi,