Embracing Silence MeditationI spend a lot of time thinking, studying and meditating about the issue of life itself, the soul and what that thing called God really is.

Unfortunately, too many things get in the way that often lead to a disconnection from the real juice — the meaning of life — in the pursuit of “happiness” in the Western sense.

To me, that seems like a greased pig contest. In other words, people keep catching this momentary happiness but when it wiggles loose, then they’re right back into the rat race.

What I’ve found through working with people for so many years is that you don’t realize how much goes on in the background of your mind until you meditate or do something that requires a singular focus.

Then, we see this constant influx of fluffy stuff popping out of left field that seems like a continuous stream of beer foam. Some thoughts are negative while others are judgmental or based on insecurities. The list is just endless.

I’d like to share a simple, but powerful meditation — embracing silence — I created for my own use and clients I work with one-on-one.

Embracing the silence helps us place gaps between thoughts and events and enhances our ability to create order within and around ourselves. By doing this ritual, you can regain a missing sense of rhythm in your mind and your day.

This is essential if you want to use your mind for constructive, creative thinking rather than becoming a mindless parrot of whatever the media moguls want you to say, do, wear and spend your money on.

My hope is for you to find greater peace, balance and clarity in the world with the help of this simple, effective tool.

Love and chi,