Many people complain to me about their inability to achieve their dreams and goals. Unfortunately, a lot of them can’t be bothered with even writing them down or just paying attention to what their dreams are telling them.

However, I believe if people can embrace the concept of viewing goals and dreams as ways to effectively and productively organize their energy, they’ll have a better shot at achieving outcomes that are far more nourishing and a lot less chaotic.

I’ll share a model in my video that illustrates how your dreams and goals serve as attractors that exert their influence, pulling them toward their completion.

Using your dreams as fuel for your goals is really important because tapping into them allows you to use your imagination and creativity to find more unique solutions that stand a better chance at fitting your life a whole lot better. The unfortunate alternative is relying on pre-conditioning or habits that have led to outcomes that only worked partially, if at all.

All of us are steering our dreams consciously or unconsciously. Have the old ways you’ve done things served you well in the past?

Believe me, there is a better way, but only if you’re willing to listen to the wisdom deep down within you and trust it…

Love and chi,